Hello lovely community members and followers of BLACKPINKNET! We are so excited about BLACKPINK’s 2nd anniversary that we’ve decided to run a month-long project leading up to their debut date, August 8th!

We will be starting with a week each dedicated to the members of BLACKPINK to show your favorite moments in their two years of activity, whether it be from a music video, BLACKPINK House, a variety show, a music show or something else! 

The timeline:

  • July 10 – July 16: Jennie week
  • July 17 – July 23: Lisa week
  • July 24 – July 30: Jisoo week
  • July 31 – Aug 6: Rosé week
  • August 7 and 8: The girls together to celebrate ALL their moments!

The themes we are looking for are:

  • Fav MV scene
  • Fav overall era
  • Fav BP House/variety show moment
  • Fav outfit/style

We want you guys to try and be creative with your posts and make content we haven’t seen before. We encourage people to make gifs, edits, and graphics. Have fun challenging yourself with different themes and styles! A limit of one post per blog (and one theme) will be posted to the tag for each week as part of the project. We will be tracking #bp2ndanniversary, so make sure to tag your creations! 🙂

Remember: Only BPN community members can participate in our projects and don’t forget to use the regular #blackpinknet tag!

In conjunction with this project, we will also be holding Square Up album giveaway, with the winner to be announced on August the 8th! The post for this giveaway can be found here (once it is published).

We hope you can join in on this project and help spread the love for our favorite four people! Thank you!

– BPN Team